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Pharmagel PHARMA-C SERUM® - Vitamin C Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

PHARMA-C SERUM®, represents a dramatic technological advancement in the treatment of wrinkled, aging skin that has lost its tone and elasticity. This unique serum concentrate enhances and accelerates the repair process of one's skin by actively promoting collagen formation. As we age, the epidermis contains a diminished level of collagen, the very building blocks of healthy vibrant skin. This loss of collagen results in thiner skin that has lost its elasticity and is prone to wrinkling. Pharma-C Serum reverses this aging process altogether by strengthening the connective tissues and promoting collagen formation. The source of Vitamin C in Pharmagel's unique Pharma-C Serum isa the all-natural Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. This newly developed ingedient is at a 10% level, the only stable source of Vitamin C that has been scientifically proven to rapidly absorb into the skin and promote the formation of collagen. Other forms of Vitamin C are not effective for this purpose since theylack stability or process a molecular profile that will not permit penetration into the epidermal layers.

Positive results are notices after the first application of Pharma-C Serum. Skin surfaces are more plump and luminous and there is a significant in the skin's elasticity and firmness.

Apply to facial areas daily. After cleansing, apply Pharma-C Serum to facial areas and allow to penetrate for 60 seconds before applying a Pharmagel Moisturizer.

NOTE: Pharma-C Serum is Fragrance Free and Oil Free and can be used safely around the eye area.

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